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Meet Stacey Anderson

Founder and CMO

Hi there, my name is Stacey Anderson and I am the Founder of The Sundream Collective, a marketing company for health, wellness and spiritual entrepreneurs. 

I founded The Sundream Collective as a way to use my experience in marketing and holistic healing to help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their companies in meaningful and connected ways. 

I believe deep in my heart that I can truly help people that are trying to grow their holistic health, wellness, and alternative therapies businesses. ⁠

I'm specifically talking to all of the following:⁠

 Meditation teachers⁠

 Yoga instructors and studios⁠


 Holistic therapists⁠


 Reiki practitioners

Wellness coaches ⁠


I realized that in an over-stimulated world, people crave connection and heart behind the brands and companies that they interact with.

I believe in all that you do to help so many people and understand that when it comes to marketing your business you may not be sure where to start.


Maybe you have a side hustle that you want to turn into a full time gig, maybe you're just starting your practice and want to grow your client base, or maybe you are already established but don't have a firm marketing plan to move forward.⁠ I would love to guide you. 

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